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General Information

Name:Tine Holst Christensen
Date of Birth:April 8, 1980
Resides:Schöneck (Frankfurt a.M., Germany)
Team:Member of National Pro Team Denmark
Tri-Clubs:Eintracht Frankfurt |
Triathlon since:2007
Pro since:2012
Nutrition Partner:HERBALIFE
Motto:Don´t stop believing

Best Awards


2nd Place IRONMAN Zell am See 
21st Place IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii
4th Place IRONMAN Malaysia
1st Place IRONMAN Lanzarote
6th Place IRONMAN 70.3, South American Championship
1st Powerman World Series Sprint
1st Olympic Triathlon Balerian Championship
2nd Road Race Hessen Championship



4st Place IRONMAN Wales, England
2nd Place IRONMAN Vichy, France
1st Place "Hessenmeisterin im Einzelzeitfahren", Germany
9th Place IRONMAN European Championchip Frankfurt, Germany
1st Place Bonn Triathlon, Germany



4st Place IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona, Spain
7th Place IRONMAN Mallorca, Spain
1st Place overall Hawaii Special Cologne Triathlon Weekend, Germany
1st Place Frankfurt City Triathlon (Sprint Distance), Germany
2nd Place Mallorca312 (International Cycletourist Tour of Mallorca), Spain
10th Place IRONMAN Melbourne, Asia-Pacific-Championship



1st Place and Danish Long Distance Champion (IRONMAN Copenhagen), Denmark
1st Place Triathlon Zürich (Short Distance), Swiss
2nd Place Danish Championship (Middle Distance Aalborg), Denmark
3rd Place International Triathlon Porocolom (Middle Distance)



2nd Place TriStar 111 Monaco (fastest Run split Female)
2nd Place Zürich Triathlon (Short Distance), Swiss
6th Place IRONMAN Lanzarote

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